Religious and spiritual

trinidadreligious topics is not something i am used to talking about but i do know that i have been trough a religious or spiritual time in my life. For example i went on a missions trip the summer of 2012, and it was the best summer of my life!Not only did i get to spend it with 21 other people that i grew to love dearly but i got to know the lord and all the wonderful things he dose for us and the world.So the missions trip i went on was pretty scary at frist i had to travel by my self and getting to Florida for boot camp was not the easiest thing, i had to catch a plane to calgary connect to toronto and if i may add something the people in toronto are not very nice. When i arrived in toronto i had to go through customs and i had no idea what i was doing so i asked for help and the lady at customs told me to figure it out so here i am in the middle of the toronto airport by my self trying to ‘figure it out’ once i ‘figured it out’ i had to go through security and find my gate so i could catch my flight to flourida once i found my gate no one was sitting in the chairs infront of the desk so i went to see what time my flight was supposed to be there and it said 7:00 so i checked the time and it was a 24 hour clock so i couldnt figure that out either, so being a person who over thinks EVERYTHING i sat on the chairs alone crying thinking i had missed my flight…… not the best travelling experience ever.So one by one people started arriving at the gate and i was wondering what was going on, it turns out i was like 2 hours early not late,thank god for that. once i was on the plane and all settled i prayed i just talked to god, about what i dont remeber but i felt peace after the flight. Once i landed in Florida i found the teen missions bus and got on it, it was a little wierd getting on a bus full of people i didnt know and just letting the very creepy looking guy drive me out into the middle of no where. However i had no choice. once i got to the boot camp i got off the bus and i was called over to meet my team leader who was Amanda she was a very sweet lady. I ended up almost braking her foot with some frozen meet. Anyway after i checked in and got all settled at the camp i met Adam he is now my best friend i love him to the moon and back. So at thins boot camp they teach you about God and how to work with all the people on your team. So everymorning you would wake up at 5 am and run a mile just to get to the obsical course i have to admit the obsical course was fun, however not at 5 in the morning.After 3 weeks of traning we finaly get to leave and go to our mission fileds. My mission flied was in trinidad and tobago. It is such a beatiful place there. so me and my team of 21  woke up every moring at 5 ate breakfast did devotions and the went out to work by 6:30. buliding a house is a lot easier then i had as the summer went by i learned a lot about god the people i was working with, stuff like how to get an aligator out of a trunk, how to make sement, and how to swim accross the most beautful reff youd ever see. Summer 2012 was the best summer of my life.

Contribution and service

Contribution and service is something I love to do. Helping people is in my nature! Wether it be helping out in rec leadership class or volenteering at the cowichan capitals hockey game. I think the reason why I help out so much is because I can’t say no to people. For instance I rember this one time when I was helping out at the caps game, I was in charge of kids corner and the maskot didn’t show up that night and they were wondering if I could do it.  Right at that moment I froze I did not want to at all but they were looking at me with those eyes and I just couldn’t say no so of corse I said yes. I went down stairs into the change room to get ready. Let me tell you never again will I ever be the maskot. EVER!!

Time in nature

Time in nature is not exactly the way i like to spend my time to be completly honest. However, i did spend some time in nature this past christmas break. I was at my friend Emilys house and we were walking around her yard with our cameras and in the trees there were aboutseven eagles. It was a very pretty sight! Emily and I found this one eagle in the tree and we got some amazing pictures of him. After we had taken the pictures we wanted to get one of him flying we had many tacktics to try and get him to fly. Tacktics like pretending to be a bird, making animal noises, and telling him that he would look a lot better flying ! After almost an hour of trying to get him to fly it didnt work and we went back in the house. So my time in nature was short but fun and i truly cant wait for the next time i’m in nature!bird

Relaxation and stress management

In my opinion the best way to relax is a nice calm walk. When i’m just finished fighting with my mom or brothers, played a bad game of basketball,orjust finished writing a test that i think ive failed nothing could be better hen walking away from everyone with my music and just getting lost. I never keep track of where im walking because that just makes me think which is not something that i like to do when i am trying to relax or destress. If all else fails and i cant go for a walk to blow off some steam i just sit in my room and fall asleep, its as simple as it sounds just fall asleep. my mom tells me to walk it off i normally sleep it off. This picture is one that i took after i found out my auntie died, i was just walking by myself and i saw this store and it remined me of her and it kind of put me at peace. Knowing that shes in a better place.ant

Best friends (Relationships)

Friends. That is one thing in life you should always have. They may come and go you’ll have ups and downs but the ones that matter will always be there for you no matter what. I find in my friendships that I am getting to know them and who they are. However I feel like I also find my self and who I am with them and with out them. For example with my “Thug 4” and my “Gang SwagFest group” are friends I am SUPER protective of. Also I have individual friends like Max, Bella, and Adam I am also very protective of them (sometimes it’s a little out of control (but eh whatcha gonna do) However since I don’t see them often that comes naturally. Even though I know that being the way I am may annoy my friends tons, they will always love me and not because they have to but because they want to.


Basketball (exercise)

Basketball. Normally I could write that and say “enough said”. However this is not the case. Basketball is my favourite sport, it teaches me more then skill, it teaches me equality, chemistry, and communication. Without this sport not only would I be lost in life but I would not have a passion, or an activity to keep me in shape. This exercise is more then a sport it’s my life. This picture is of my favourite socks my basketball socks! :)))))) ❤️